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Here we have a sample of Polaroid 110B, converted, to accept 4x5 Graflok system accessories. If you have questions about this type of conversion, check -  FAQ  - page.



Work performed on the camera:

bullet4x5 Graflex Graflok back attached to Polaroid 110B camera.
bulletRangefinder is cleaned and infinity readjusted, so it fully corresponds with actual focus from about three feet to infinity.
bulletShutter-Lens checked and cleaned in ultrasonic bath.
bulletBellows are checked for cracks, splits, light leaks and overall cosmetic conditions. Replaced if needed.
bulletClose-up feature installed. (Optional)

Complete camera cost - $1250.00 - I supply camera, parts and materials. Up to 3 to 4 weeks to cmplete.

I do not modify PARALLAX FRAME in rangefinder.
The image in rangefinders parallax frame still accommodates original 3x4 Frame, so, it is a little smaller then the actual image on the film.
However you will see full scene in the finder and can use parallax frame to center scene on the film.

Close-up feature.

Originally, the closest distance,  lens to object, is about 3'. Now you can get as close as 14"- 15". That means - you can  take full 4x5 frame picture of an object as small as 8" x 10".
This is not a lens attachment. This device gives you possibility to move lens board more forward. Almost to the end of focusing rail. 
However, rangefinder is not usable on distances below 3 feet. So, you have to use ground glass for focusing and scene composing.

Here is picture taken, by Photographer   David Burnett of  Contact Press Images   with 4x5 Graflok system 110B.


The camera comes with 1 Year LIMITED WARRANTY. Anything-go wrong with my work, I will fix it free of charge. (you pay shipping)

I always say, "If you take good care of the camera, it will serve you for years to come".

Have questions? Check -  FAQ  - page.  

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