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THIS IS  POLAROID-250   with  127/4,7 RODENSTOCK - YSAREX  lens from  famous POLAROID-110A/B

This camera for people who likes "RODENSTOCK" lens, but prefer Smaller and a little less heavy camera, like Polaroid 180 or 195, but much cheaper.

Work performed on the camera:

bulletShutter checked and washed in ultrasonic bath.
bulletBellows are checked for cracks, splits, light leaks and overall cosmetic conditions.
bulletRangefinder is cleaned and adjusted if needed.

If camera has an electronic development timer, like Polaroid 360 and such, I will adapt it for regular AAA batteries at your request. Free of charge.

Ready camera sells for $325. If you supply camera $285, supply camera and lens  -  $205 labor only.

Turn around about one to two weeks.

Camera comes with 6 MONTHS LIMITED WARRANTY. Anything-go wrong with MY work, I will fix it free of charge.

Warranty does not cover cable release. It can be easily damaged if camera not folded properly. In this case you will have to use release lever on the lens or attach standard release cable to the shutter instead of build in. Actually, even it seems less convenient, it gives camera more stability during the shooting, when one hand holding the back and another supporting the front.

If you take good care of the camera, you have nothing to worry about.


Original lens focal distance of Polaroid 250 and such is 114mm
Rodenstock lens from 110A/B camera is 127mm
To be very particular, actual focus will not correspond precisely to rangefinder somewhere on midrange.
It may be noticeable only on fully open aperture. Closing the aperture at least one stop should solve the problem.
I never got complains about it from my customers. And in 17+ years I made a LOT of conversions that way.
And price wise it's the best for someone who like to use fully controlled Rodenstock but have limited budget.


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