Here are some answers to questions, I am getting, about 4x5 conversion.

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Q. Can Polaroid 110A be converted to 4x5 “Graflock” back?

A. Technically yes, but not recommended. Back will cover rangefinder and it is become unusable. The best camera to convert is Polaroid 110B.

Besides, Rangefinder on 110A, even if you have access to it, not very comfortable to work with.

 Q. I have Polaroid 110A. Can be rangefinder from Polaroid 900 put on 110A so it becomes 110B?

A. Yes, some people do that by replacing rangefinder.

I do it a little different way. The front door of 110A, including focusing rails, lens board and bellows removed from 110A body and installed on Polaroid 900 body, which is identical to 110B. Then it becomes 99.99% 110B. The only difference is, that insides the lens compartment are grey in color instead of black and front door locking levers are different design.

Oh yes… It will not say “110B”on focusing knob. 

Which way is better or yet easier to do...? I think it just a matter of preference. I like it my way. 110A body, is a bit different then 110B.

Q. does the attached back interfere with using rangefinder?

A. NO!

Unless you have bigger nose the my, which I doubt, or using left eye.

 Q. What kind of "Graflok" back do you put on the camera? Is it new or used?

A. I use “Graflok” back, which I take off the famous “Graflex” cameras and of course, it is used. However, because it is not a mechanical device, but simply a few pieces of metal, you should not worry about worn parts. It will perform the same as it use to 50 years ago when it was new.

Of course, I do check it for any physical damage and refresh paint if needed.

Ground glass and, if available, Fresnel lens  may have few scratches or scuffs, but it will not affect the quality of a picture whatsoever.

Q. What type of film can be used on this converted camera?

A. Graflok back comes from old famous Graflex 4x5 cameras which still in use and allows you to use any film holders attachments which designed or simply fits Graflex Graflok system.

Such as: 4x5 sheet film holders, 4x5 Polaroid film holders, various 120 and 220 roll film holders up to 6x9cm  format. Also Polaroid 3x4 Pack film holders, which has numerous film types available.

All of this holders are always on sale on EBay.

 Q. If I send you my camera for conversion, do you perform any service on the camera? and is this included in conversion cost?

A. Yes. Camera gets complete check-up and cleaning.

Bellows checked for cracks and light leaks. Replaced if needed. Shutter washed in Ultrasonic bath and lens cleaned. Rangefinder cleaned and readjusted to new infinity position.

All this work performed free of charge. Unless major repair needed. Of which you will be notified before any work begin.

Q. Cocking shutter on RODENSTOCK lens feels stiff. Is it normal? Can anything be done about it?

A. When you cocking the shutter, same time you winding build in Self Timer. The only way to make cocking easier is, to disable self timer.

If you don't need Self Timer, let me know. Cocking become much easier.

 Q. Do you use plastic or metal for brackets or whatever?

A. In the first few cameras, I did use plastic and it works OK.

However, now I use metal (aluminum). The only plastic I use is a small strip of acrylic as a spacer. It does not carry any load.

I do not use any welding or glue. Only screws and rivets. I also use black silicon as light sealant.

 Q. What about lens distortion? The lens was made for 3x4 format. And what can you say about quality of the lens?

A. Did not hear anything about distortion. So far, no body complained. To me at least.

This lens covers almost 5x7 format, with very little veneering on corners. So, even there is some amount of distortion on 4x5 format, it is probably not enough to talk about.

Sorry. I can not say anything about quality of the lens from my personal experience. I am not a photographer, just a technician.

However, from what I hear, it is a high quality lens. That is what professional photographers say.

Q. Can be other lens mounted on the camera?

A. Yes. As long as optical data, like focal distance, falls within focusing range, and physical dimensions of the lens, permits.

Some lenses will not permit camera to close and to make it removable requires much more work. Which will add to the labor charge dramatically.

Also, for most of the lenses focusing mechanism have to be "re-camed".  And this is very tedious job. Honestly? I don't do that. It will add substantial amount to the price.

I can mount lens, or even design removable mount, so you can change lenses, but will not bother with "cam". Lenses will correspond with rangefinder on infinity, but will be a little off on the midrange.

Well... you can always use Ground Glass.


A. Originally, the closest distance,  lens to object, is about 3'. With close-up option, you can get as close as 14"- 15". That means - you can  take full 4x5 frame picture of an object as small as 8" x 10".
This is not a lens attachment. This device, which gives you possibility to move lens board more forward. Almost to the end of focusing rail. 
However, rangefinder is not usable on distances below 3 feet. So, you have to use ground glass for focusing and scene composing.

Q. how much do you charge for conversion? can I buy ready camera from you? how much will it cost me? how long it takes to finish?

A. For the price quotes Email me

Yes, you can get complete camera from me. But you still have to order it first. I only make them by order.

To complete one camera may take from three to six weeks on average.

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