Yes, I ride, or better yet, was. I had a Sportster 1994. Love to go for a ride on country roads. Went to Daytona "Bike Week" 1997 and 1998. It was wild. Did planed to go to Sturgis in 2000. Didn't work. Gave it to a friend to take a spin... he did... crashed it. So I fixed and sold it. Anyway I always want to get a bigger one. Now I am walking... for time being.

This are some of the pictures I have made on various trips. Sorry, I don't know owners of this beautiful bikes. However, if you recognize yours, I would be more then happy to post your name on the picture.

BigBIKE01.jpg BigBIKE02.jpg BIKE001.jpg BIKE002.jpg BIKE003.jpg BIKE003A.jpg BIKE004.jpg BIKE005.jpg BIKE006.jpg BIKE006A.jpg BIKE007.jpg BIKE008.jpg BIKE009.jpg BIKE010.jpg BIKE012.jpg BIKE013.jpg BIKE014.jpg BIKE015.jpg Bikes26.jpg Bikes29.jpg Bikes30.jpg Bikes31.jpg Bikes34.jpg Bikes35.jpg Bikes36.jpg Bikes39.jpg WoodenBike01.jpg WoodenBike02.jpg SMLBIKE1.jpg SMLBIKE2.jpg

MeBike01.jpg Jerry05.jpg CarBikes01.jpg Bikes32.jpg Bikes38.jpg Jerry02.jpg Datona003.jpg Datona004.jpg Bikes37.jpg Jerry06.jpg RACEBIK2.jpg RACEBIK1.jpg Datona001.jpg BKWASH01.jpg BKCROUD1.jpg MAINST01.JPG EasyRiders11.jpg EasyRiders14a.jpg EasyRiders17.jpg EasyRiders19.jpg EasyRiders5.jpg EasyRiders7.jpg EasyRiders9.jpg

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