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Hi Mike:

Got it. The workmanship is superb, and it the best mount I have ever
seen! There is absolutely no way for any dirt or dust to enter the
helicoids. Thanks so much, I will try to post some pictures this

I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Best regards,



The camera is arrived today. All is perfect. You are a very good kraftman, an artist. Thank you very much. I am very proud that you accept to make a camera for me. The express mail was not a good idea, but I have found a solution with the customs. Thank you to have send me the invoice so quickly.


Hi Mike

sorry it's been such a longtime
but this is just a courtesy email to say thanks you very much for your conversion job.
I've only written now as I've only just got my pictures back from my 1st rolls with the lens, and they're great!
so thanks very much!

Have received camera and I love it!!
Thanks a lot.

Hi Mike, 
Thanks soo much for converting the camera! It really looks nice! My boyfriend has already started using it, and loves it.
Hope you have a great Halloween!

Hi Michael,
I have been playing with the Graflok 110B conversion that you did for 
me and I am impressed.

Hi Michael..

Did some test shots on my R-D1s and results were better than I expected.. thank you very much.

Here is a link of some test shots..

Dear Mike, 

I received both lenses in good condition. Your work is excellent, I am fully satisfied. By the way, would you be interested in modifying still another lens for me?

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

I returned to NYC and the camera was waiting for me. Thanks very much. I am impressed by your workmanship, and the test Polaroids look good.

Thanks again,

I got the camera today. Everything looks great. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. I look forward to shooting some film very soon.


The camera is arrived today. All is perfect. You are a very good craftsman, an artist. Thank you very much. I am very proud that you accept to make a camera for me.


I got and played with the camera. Its awesome. I love how close I can 
get with it,
I showed it to my friend R.... he is interested in getting one.

Hello Mike!
I just returned from my trip to Rome with the converted Polaroid 110B. .... the negatives look excellent.

Hi Michael!

I've just got the lens! What a craftsmanship work, it is very impressive!!
Thank you very much.
............................. cut off something that not related to the issue ........................................
Thank you again!! your lens is so great.
Best Regards.

The camera is very well build with nice black finish.
I checked the rangefinder by comparing with the viewglass and is is perfect from infinity up to real short distance, even 1 meter is correct!
Then I took a mag and shot 6 sheets, all tack-on sharp at close range.
The viewfinder is bright and the paralax-correction is good.
So I am very pleased with this tool and will use it. You certainly know your job!

kind regards, Peter W.

As a cinematographer, it is valuable to judge the contrast range in a shot along with the overall exposure.
The Polaroid camera allows me to judge this range much more precisely than with the naked eye.
Michael's modification to the 110a Polaroid I use is outstandingly detailed. It truly is obvious how much he cares about the quality of his work.
I highly recommend his cameras.

Kent Hughes
Blacktop Films

I recently had Michael convert a Polaroid 110B for me and I am nothing less than impressed. I've seen conversions performed by some of the more well known companies and I can honestly say that this camera is the cleanest that I have seen and performs beautifully. Michael Batelman takes much pride in his work and stands behind it 100%. He is also a pleasure to deal with and very informative with any questions that I had. I recommend him highly and would personally call him first for any of my photographic needs. Thanks again Michael.


Michael sold me a 110B that he had converted on EBay, and the camera is wonderful. It has solid metal parts unlike the more common plastic backs used by others. It's a great camera. Thanks.


Two weeks ago I asked Michael to add a pentaprism finder to my twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera. This was an unusual request that was refused by a dozen other repair facilities in the U.S.A. as being "impractical". Not only did Michael do the job at a very reasonable price but he also cleaned the whole finder system and added a synchronization lever lock at no extra charge. His workmanship is superb and he completed the job exactly by the time he promised. I plan to keep Michael very busy with other items in my camera collection which will require work. Thank you Michael!

Great work michael.. its a snappy, light, easy to use 4x5, and that ole' lens is GREAT! David Burnett Contact Press Images

Hi Michael, very nice site! Great to see your Polaroid conversions and your obvious eye for detail. I`m sure it`s not only the old Polars that benefit from your efforts, but the fact that those in the past who enjoyed them are still able to do so. Cheers, from Australia, Dean Jones (razzledog).

It truly shows how much you care about
your work, down to the finishing touches. Thank you.
I'll use this camera for "proofing" setups for cinematography, and I
will definitely tell my peers about them.
My best,



the camera is mint.  you did an amazing job.  I've seen other conversions.
and this is definitely the nicest.  I'm trying to leave feedback but I don't
have the item number on file anymore and they won't except feedback without
it.  if you still have it please send it to me so I can do that for you. 
I'll recommend you highly when next I hear of someone wanting a conversion.

thanks again-

Hi Michael.

The lens and shutter arrived in good shape yesterday.

Nice job!  I can hardly believe that is the same piece of junk that I sent to you.

Thanks for the help.  I really appreciate it.


Hi Mike

The conversion is very nice - beautiful professional job.
Thank you.
I tested it last week and it all worked fine.  i will send some images
when i can scan them into the computer.
I would recommend your work to anyone looking for this unique



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